Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Social Media Academy For Creatives And Product Based Businesses

    2. How To Use The Content Inside The Social Media Academy

    3. Add Your Own Posts To Your Trello Board

    4. How To Use Trello Boards To Plan & Organize Your Social Media Content

    1. Training On Using Trello Boards Replay Link

    2. How To Create Content A Weeks Worth Of Content In Under 1 Hour Replay link

    3. Replay Link- How To Create A Reel

    1. December 2022

    2. January 2023

    3. February 2023

    4. March 2023

    1. June 2023 Done For You Content & Canva Templates

    1. Testimonial Templates

    2. Mother's Day Gift Guide Canva Template

    3. Instagram Carousel Canva Template

    4. Reminder Canva Templates

    5. Product Selling Canva Templates

    6. Gift Guide Canva Templates

    7. Product Mockups

    1. Today Is The Day You Stop Being Scared To Record Reels!

    2. What Are Instagram Reels And Why Do You Need To Be Doing Them?

    3. How To Create Instagram Reels

    4. How To Add Text To Your Reels

    5. How to Make Text Appear on Instagram Reels at Different Times

    6. How to Make Text Appear on Instagram Reels at Different Times

    7. How To Search AND Save Trending Music * HUGE WAY TO GET IDEAS FOR REELS*

    8. How To Repurpose Your Reels

    9. How To Lip Sync Your Reels

    10. How To Write Captions For Your Reels

    11. Instagram Twitter Quote Reel Tutorial

    12. Create Your Reel With Photos

    13. 30 Faceless Reels Ideas

    14. Custom Instagram Reel Cover

    15. Reel Ideas Week #1

    16. Reel Ideas Week #2

    17. Reel Ideas Week #3

    18. Create Your Reel With Photos

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